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Fechtschule America is the largest most prestigious competitive environment for modern WMA/HEMA practitioners to demonstrate their skills in North America.  Home to the Hammertertz Forum Open International Tournaments, your Fechtschule America event organizers are dedicated to providing North America with the absolute highest caliber tournaments for practitioners to challenge themselves.

After breaking new competitive ground for HEMA with each Fechtschule America, we plan to keep the tradition going!  Fechtschule America 2013 will host several tournaments including:

  • Hammertertz Forum Open International Longsword
  • Hammertertz Forum Open International Sword and Buckler
  • Hammertertz Forum Invitational Franco-Belgian Guild Rules Longsword
  • Hammertertz Forum Open International Women's Longsword

The Hammertertz Forum Open Dagger Self-Defense Challenge is CONFIRMED!  See the Dagger Tournament rules page for details!

Additionally, we are working hard to offer more opportunities for competition so stay tuned for additional updates on a potential an Open International Cutting Tournament, and possibly a Open International Armoured Poleaxe Tournament!

Your Fechtschule America hosts are dedicated to providing a professional grade competitive environment while doing our best to ensure the safety of all participants.  With this in mind, the safety gear standards from last year will be in effect with a few minor updates.  ALL competitors are expected to show up with their own gear (excepting swords) that meets the standards defined in the tournament rules.  Please review the rules for each tournament you plan to participate in and make sure your gear is ready for international level competition.  If you have any specific safety gear questions not answered on these pages please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The rules for all tournaments can be found on the appropriate web pages to allow participants to prepare themselves.


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